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  • Before: Hidden Entrance

    The old TruWest building had an entrance that was hidden behind a parking lot with exterior signage that was hard to see from far away.


  • After: Inviting Curb Appeal

    TruWest's newest building has an attractive, prominent and well-branded entrance, encouraging clients to visit the branch.

  • Before: Basic Brochures

    The only way for clients to discover more about TruWest's products was a simple brochure stand on the back wall of the entryway.

  • After: Full of Engagement

    TruWest's newest building features a digital wall where clients can touch the screen and scroll through all the products and services that TruWest offers.  Clients are also engaged with company history, community events, and more. 


  • Before: Basic Lobby

    TruWest's old waiting area didn't offer much in terms of entertainment for clients who were waiting in line. 

  • After: Entertaining, Welcoming Lobby

    TruWest's newest lobby has several digital signs to watch and look at while lingering in the waiting area. IN addition there are several chairs and loungers for clients to sit comfortably. 

  • Before: Restrictive First Impression

    Clients are greeted with a black rope line and imposing teller counter.  

  • After: Beautifully Bright 

    Upon entering the branch, clients are greeted to warm lighting, an inviting feel, and interesting digital signage behind the tellers. 

  • Before: Dark and Dated

    The old building had low ceilings that cast a dark and cramped feeling for clients.

  • After: Open and Airy

    The floorplan is now spacious and inviting, making clients feel welcomed.  

  • Before: Dull Office Furniture

    The client waiting area for the old branch had furniture that looked dated and didn't match any of TruWest's brand colors. 

  • After: Vibrant Details 

    TruWest outfitted their new branch with furnishings that were vibrant, classy, and matched their brand colors.


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