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How Not to Fail: A Simple Checklist to Make Merger & Acquisition Branch Conversions Easier

How do pilots successfully fly airplanes? How do doctors perform complicated surgeries without making mistakes? How is it possible to build huge, massive skyscrapers, successfully? Checklists. Beautiful, glorious checklists.

Converting branches after a merger or acquisition are no different. These highly complicated, highly stressful, short timeline projects have so many moving parts, it would be impossible to capture everything without a checklist mapping out every last detail. Dates, times, personnel, teams, tasks, functions, roles, projects — everything needs to be remembered, acted on, and capably managed.

Download this checklist as your starting point for managing these types of projects successfully.

This Checklist will help you:

  • Outline a strategy
  • Identify information and details that need to be gathered for building a rollout plan 
  • Specify all the items that must be converted prior to reopening