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Product Guide: Equipment

25 years ago, DBSI was founded on banking equipment.

From our agnostic brand expertise, hassle-free installation process, dedicated customer service, and advanced equipment knowledge—this guide will help you find the hardware that's best for your branch network... we're sure of it!

The Universal Associate Model: It Matters Now More Than Ever

Give your clients a more personalized, efficient, meaningful service experience with the Universal Associate model!

20+ Pages on Everything Teller Cash Recyclers

Everything you have ever wanted to know about teller cash recyclers is in this guide: from the basics of what, why, how, and where these devices are leveraged in branches, to overarching initiatives like maximizing ROI, to the more complex details like core integration, maintenance, and service.

Stack Up the Ultimate Branch Refresh

Imagine your branch is a Jenga tower. What should go and what should be added, without toppling your client experience?

Your HQ: The Journey to Zen

Ready to start planning your HQ update? Here you'll find all you need to know about getting your headquarters future-proof for hybrid, remote and in-office.

Strategic Planning for Financial Marketers

Three financial marketing leaders talk through their in-branch and digital communication strategy to differentiate their institution, increase sales, build relationships, educate clients, and offer a better retail experience. 

Budget Planning Guide: 2023 Summer Bash

Summer is here, and budget season can bring a whole new level of heat. Here's how to plan for your upcoming branch or HQ refreshes, remodels, or even new builds without breaking a sweat!

2022 Digital Signage Benchmarking Report

We asked over 400 executives how they’re using digital signage and what they have planned for the next year. 

Setting UAs Up for Success

Now that you have hired the right people you'll need to set the stage. Your rockstars can't perform without the right tools. This guide breaks down exactly what you need to take you to the next level. 

Finding A Rockstar Universal Associate

Does your new hire have the chops to really be a universal associate? If you are tired of working hard to find the right candidates only to see that they were one-hit-wonders, this free checklist is for you. Everything you need to know to make the right hire is in this checklist. 

Watch a Virtual Panel with the Banking Industry's Top Execs

Tune in as top banking executives talk through tips and best practices about their strategic planning process. Get inspiration and trend analysis so you can navigate every bump in the road.

Designing & Building A Branch Can Be Hard. But It Doesn't Have to Be.

Building a branch is no easy task and can leave anyone feeling like a 'dummie', so we created a banker's version of the Dummies book which breaks down the simplest approach for building a branch (known as 6ᵈ). 

Who Says Bankers Are All Business and No Fun?

 Take a quick break from seriousness and find your inner kid with our Highlights Magazine created just for you. This issue is packed with games, brainteasers, puzzles, and a whole lot of banking fun. Plus, we even added some of the latest banking trends. 

Explore the Many Integrated Technologies in CFM's Suite

CFM is more than just some mysterious random letters. It's the most comprehensive integration software that's enabling next-gen branch banking experiences by integrating and optimizing the foundational technology behind the transformation. Get the scoop and why it matters in this short video.

Optimize Your Branch Network

Branch traffic has changed—but it hasn’t disappeared. Micro branches can be a small but mighty part of your branch network strategy. They can help you cut costs while gaining wallet share.

So what are you waiting for? Start shrinking! 

Supercharge Your Branch Transformation Budget

Building a budget for a branch transformation project is a lot like building a car. It needs to look nice, sound nice, and handle like a dream. We've built this guide to help make sure your budget is tuned up and roadworthy.

Where's Waldo the Universal Associate?

Waldo wandered away from his Universal Associate buddies into a sea of bad branches. He left the comfort of his own branch that had everything he needed to perform as a Universal Associate. Can you find him?

A Branch Transformation in HALF the Time and for HALF Costs

See how DBSI can help banks and credit unions transform their branches into retail environments at a fraction of the time and cost that you're used to, with our new Rapid Refresh kit.

Welcome to Transformation University

A 4-part educational webinar series for Financial Institution Leaders looking to transform their branches, headquarters, and everything in between to differentiate their business and gain more market share.

I SPY with my Banking Eye

Only the most detail-oriented, clever bankers can solve all of the riddles in the Banker's Edition of I SPY. Will you be able to find everything without checking the answer page? Download to put your skills to the test!  

The Power of the Pixel: 2021 Digital Signage Benchmark Report

Explore this 17-page report with over 25+ charts to see what other financial institutions are doing with their digital signage to enhance the client experience, along with several other key takeaways and trends.  

How to Win with Digital Signage: The Power of The Pixel Infographic

We asked nearly 150 marketing and retail bankers about their strategy and success with Digital Signage. See how you compare and get ideas for how to improve your branch and HQ experience with digital signage.

All Things Transformation, Brought to You by DBSI

The question isn’t what can DBSI do, but rather “what are you looking to do with DBSI?” To help answer this question, we put together this product guide for the ultimate branch transformation.

5 Ways Financial Institutions are Navigating COVID-19

We looked at all the data in our COVID-19 industry report to find patterns and identify the top 5 ways that Financial Institutions are overcoming the obstacles of this pandemic.

A Benchmark on What's Happening and What's Ahead

We asked nearly 300 bankers about what they did during these chaotic times. What worked? What didn't work? And what's next? See if you are keeping up or moving too slow with this industry report.

25 Questions and Answers Surrounding COVID-19 and Banking

The ultimate Q+A, we sat down and had our experts answer some of the biggest questions in the banking industry today. From banking during a pandemic to preparing for the future, the answers you need are in this guide.

25 Stats on How COVID-19 is Impacting Financial Institutions

Now more than ever, your clients need you; but to best help them, you need to have a full understanding of how their financial journey is changing. That's why we built this infographic with 25 stats on how this pandemic is impacting the banking industry.

Skip the Sales Call, Ask an Expert

Want to know if your proposed budget is close to what will actually work? Want some insights on employee training? Ask real experts with an appointment just for you!

The Branch Downsize & Decommission Checklist

A recent survey shows that 39% of financial executives are considering reducing the size of branches or closing locations entirely to help meet this need. Get the checklist to help you right-size your branch network. 

30+ Stats on Internal Corporate Communications

A cost benefit analysis for corporate communications. In this infographic, Keeping Up with the Comms, you’re guaranteed to find inspiration among the 30+ stats and facts covering the benefits of good communication and the costs of bad communication.

Creating a Retail Environment, a Lookbook

See behind the scenes on real branch transformation projects, and even some of the prices of the design to help you build a dream branch within your budget. 

The Big Book of Branch Transformation Recipes

Learn all the ingredients and get easy step-by-step directions to different transformation projects, ranging from COVID-19 modifications to building a micro branch.

Webinar: A 4-Part Series on Adapting to the New Normal

Four different educational webinars, each with a different panel of experts who will be focusing on the adaptations you need to make for today’s unique situation and tomorrow’s new economy. 

Case Study: BCU's Micro Branch

Can a fully functioning branch really fit under a staircase in a corporate office building? For BCU, a $3B Illinois-based credit union, the answer is a resounding YES!

Case Study: A Look Into Vantage West's 10x2 Branch Network Initiative

See how Vantage West Credit Union is tackling an initiative of building 10 branches in two years and get the details of the project plans created by DBSI.

Video: Transforming Vantage West Credit Union

Vantage West Credit Union wanted to redefine the retail banking strategy, drive convenience and ease for clients, and improve client interactions. The overall strategy includes adding 10 locations in the Phoenix area over the next five years. With DBSI, they are on-track, after year one to deliver on-time, on-budget, and on-strategy.

Stay Motivated with this Binge List of Fun and Educational Videos

You’re going to love this perfectly curated watchlist of the hottest shows—all with a banking twist! No need to wait until after-work-hours, these videos are educational and entertaining.  

Cast Study: The NEXT Big Thing at Capitol CU

See how Capitol Credit Union partnered with DBSI and CFM to renovate their Austin, TX Branch in a 3-step process that included new technology, an upgraded branch design, and staff training to enable Universal Associates.

Video: The NEXT Big Thing at Capitol CU

NEXT is a new, core-integrated kiosk that offers self-service, assisted-service, and full-service capabilities into one device. See NEXT in action at Capitol Credit Union's new branch in Austin, TX.

Is Your Digital Signage Solution Deserving of a Championship Belt?

Put your current digital signage solution or provider in the ring with DBSI's Digital Signage Agency, and watch us knock them out. In this multi-round infographic, you'll be able to match up your current features with your possible ones. 

A Guide to Building a Dynamic Branch Network

Every client has a perfect branch, but is it yours? Put your branch network to the test with this guide designed to highlight the holes in your network and help ensure you offer a perfect branch match for each of your clients.

Win The Vote of The Modern Employee With a Modern HQ

The only way to get a true, accurate reading on the state of your headquarters is to ask the people who use it every day (your staff) and the new employees you want to bring in to it. This guide covers what you need to ask. 

2020 Vision: A Digital Signage & Visual Communications Benchmark Report

They say hindsight is 20/20. This year, let's make sure we have clarity at every turn with a look at the top digital signage trends and findings for 2020. 

MythBusters, Banking Edition: Headquarters

The industry is swarming with design and technology trends for your headquarters, but not all of them are worth investing in. Take a look at what trends are fact and what's fiction.

The Branch Experience of Your Client's Dreams

Imagine you built a brand new branch with the latest innovations and trends, but as clients come, in your dream branch only disappoints. What a nightmare! Here's how you can avoid that...

Mean Tweets: Banking Edition

What do clients really think about your branch? Is the coffee bad, the wait too long? We had some associates read client tweets about their branches. Watch the painful truth hilariously unfold.

Understand Your Client Type and Customize Their Experience

The communities you serve are unique, and so are the people who make up those communities. Understanding what makes them individually tick will help you align your products and services to their needs.

Elf on The Shelf: A Christmas Carol

Are your tellers still counting change by hand or are your Universal Associates delivering the client experience, you’ve been dreaming of? Travel with Scrooge as we visit the Ghost of Banking Past, Present, and Future. 

The Ultimate Universal Associate Resource Library

Adopting the Universal Associate Model is challenging. To help make this process simpler, we've gathered all the info you'll need, and gathered into this one downloadable package. 

The 6 Pillars of a Modern Digital Signage Strategy

To stand out to today's client, your in-branch messaging needs to be modern. This isn't the case for all financial institutions: most are weighed down by outdated and boring signage. Don't be one of them. Use this guide.

Top 5 Challenges Facing Core Providers

As an expert in bridging the gap between technology and transformation, Sonny Horton, Alliance Strategist for CFM. discusses the challenges that core providers face today in today’s banking environment.

Heated Questions, Ep.1: The C-Suite Hot Seat

We asked our CEO, John W. Smith, to sit in the hot seat and answer some tough questions around headquarters while eating hot wings. The wings get hotter each round. Will he make it through every round?

Heated Questions, Ep.2: A Strategy for When Things Get Spicy

We asked Transformation Strategist, Cody Willis, to sit in the hot seat and answer some tough questions around HQs while eating hot wings. Will he be able to handle the heat the same way he has helped his clients stand the heat of an HQ transformation?

Heated Questions, Ep.3: How Not To Sweat Over Your HQ Project Plan

Now live: the third episode of 'Heated Questions', our video series where banking experts sit in the hot seat and answer burning questions surrounding HQs, all while eating increasingly hot wings. This episode features Josh Lopeman, a Sr. Architectural Designer.

The Evolution of Branch Technologies

Are you working toward a frictionless banking experience? Have you looked into the universal associate model or tablet banking? If your design, technology, and people are working together in harmony, then you don't need this guide. 

The Evolution of Client Communication

1 in 3 clients is not satisfied with the way they are being communicated with by their financial institution. Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? Find out with this banker's guide to in-branch marketing.

The Evolution of Branch Design

Where are financial institutions along the journey to branch transformation? What branch distribution plans do banks and credit unions have? Find the answers to these questions and more in this infographic guide on the evolution of branch design.

Myth or Fact? Bigger Branches Offer a Better Experience

The banking industry is riddled with myths, one of the most popular surrounds the size of branches. The bigger the branch the more you can offer and the better the client experience, right? 

Myth or Fact? Branches Are Being Replaced by Digital Solutions

Financial institutions have seen a decline in branch traffic as technology and digital innovations make banking possible from a computer or mobile device. So, is a brick-and-mortar branch even needed anymore?

Myth or Fact? Only Millennials Use Banking Technology

There's this idea that the only clients using banking technology are younger, millennial-aged clients. Some even go as far as to say that older generations are averse to technology. Is this true?

The Timeline of a Teller

Go where no banker has gone before: through the past, present, and future of the teller role. Curious about how far we have come as an industry? Wondering where we're going? Take the ride through time with this visual guide.

A Nightmare on Main Street

It was just a normal day at the branch. It was quiet and Michael couldn't help but nod off. But his dream quickly turned into a nightmare when he couldn't his client offer the perfect in-branch experience. Will he ever wake up? 

Webinar: The Past, Present, and Future of Branch Transformation

Over the past 10 years, the bank and credit union branch has changed significantly—from design to technology, to the way it operates. And financial institutions aren't the only ones changing, so are the expectations of clients visiting the branches.  Here's how.

Webinar: Conquering Mt. Headquarters

You’re staring up at the massive project in front of you. Your palms are sweaty. Even the most experienced executives flinch at the heights of Mt. Headquarters. It doesn’t have to be so frightening. Learn how to eliminate the risks and unknowns in this webinar.

The Mt. Headquarters Survival Guide

Mt. Headquarters is full of tough terrain and plenty of pitfalls. But don't be scared away... we're here to get you to the summit safely. When the going gets tough on your headquarters project it's time to break out the survival guide. 

The Many Peaks of Mt. HQ & Other 2020 HQ Trends

Before you start your ascent to the summit of Mt. Headquarters, get acclimated to the huge project ahead of you with this infographic guide to 2020 HQ trends.

The Ultimate Mt. Headquarters Checklist

Your headquarters project has a lot of different components you can't forget. Juggling all of the different venders and timelines and budgets (and more!) of this project would be tough without a checklist. Good thing we have one here for you!

A Banker's Guide To Lead Generation

Does your brand have what it takes to break through the noise of the banking industry? Are you attracting new clients to your branches daily? If not, no fear! We gathered research and marketing tools and tactics and complied them in an easy-to-use guide. 

The Banker's List of Must-See 2020 Budget Blockbusters

It can be overwhelming to put together a budget that covers all of the goals and initiatives that your company has plans for and that is guaranteed to get approved by the board. Take a break from the heat of the budget season with this must-see list of 2020 blockbusters. 

The Banker's Guide to Building an Award-Winning Transformation Budget

Are you in the process of building a budget for your next transformation? Are you looking to save some time building your next budget and ensure that it gets approved by the board the first time around? If so, this is the guide for you.

Property Hunters: Micro Branch Edition

There are tons of shows about finding the perfect house, but what about finding the perfect branch? In DBSI's Property Hunters, we follow one financial institution along their journey to find the micro branch of their dreams. Will they fall in love with a tiny floor plan or walk away with empty space in their heart (and branch network)?

A Tiny Blueprint of Your Favorite Tiny Branch

If you like the branches that were featured in the first episode of Property Hunters: Micro Branch Edition, then you've hit the jackpot. Why? Because we've decided (against our designer's wishes) to share the blueprints of each of them. 

Incyte: Guaranteed ROI On Your Digital Signage

There's more to digital signage than what meets the eye. What products and services are your clients most interested in? What leads are generated for your financial institution? Get an inside look at what's resonating and what's not with your interactive digital signage with Incyte.

The League of Extraordinary Branches

Interested in building a branch network capable of saving the financial world but not sure where to start? We’ve put together this infographic guide to all the superheroes you will need to establish a league of extraordinary branches capable of harnessing all of these powers, and more!

A Guide to Tackling Transaction Costs

Financial institutions are in search of a solution: one that provides clients with the personal touch they require for a positive experience, without requiring a costly 1:1 interaction with a banker just to complete a simple transaction. Search no further, we’ve identified the solution. Well two to be exact: interactive digital signage and self-service technologies. 

When DBSI Met CFM: A Love Story

DBSI and CFM are an iconic duo worthy of the history books, just like Harry and Sally. That's why we channeled all the 80's greatness from the film, 'When Harry Met Sally', to create our own rad version of the love story. Tune in now!

Branch Operation: A Banker's Board Game

Is your branch good, but not great? Do you spend time trying to find ways to increase wallet share, cut costs, and maximize profits? You're not alone. That’s why we put together this guide, to diagnose and treat the parts of your branch that are infected.  

The Game of Life's Financial Journey

It's your responsibility as a financial institution to guide clients through life's financial journey. Starting on that path now is the millennial generation: graduation, new careers, weddings, and other major life events are all on their horizon. Are your branches modern and friendly enough to be the millennial's preferred financial partner on their life journey?

The Magical Guide to The World of Universal Associates

The universal associate approach to servicing clients may seem like a mythical, fairy-tale concept, but there are some FIs that have been deploying UAs for years with great success. So we asked a few of these branches (who also happen to be our clients) what made it all possible for them - and then wrote it all down in a guide for you. This is that guide.

Build a Branch of The Future With Visual Communications

A goal of every financial institution is to help clients learn about the products and services they offer, and how these offerings align with their financial needs. Yet the static signs and plain-Jane marketing efforts used to engage clients aren’t all that exciting, so instead of creating an appetite for discovery, your messages are being ignored. Here's how to get noticed.

FAQTOR7: A One-of-a-Kind Headquarters Analysis Tool

As the central hub for your financial institution, your headquarters needs to be planned for success with the proper adjacencies, design trends, and brand standards in place. Is your headquarters fully optimized for your workforce? How will ensure your new HQ is on-strategy, on-time, on-budget, and on-satisfaction? Eliminate the guesswork with FAQtor7.

The Banker's Study Guide to Branch Improvements

Are your branches set up to help clients through their financial journey? We put together an easy to reference study guide to help you remember the most important pieces your target market cares about. Using this guide your branch transformation will stay on track and target to deliver the best experience for your clients. 

The Complete Branch Transformation Report Card

Are you sure your branch is better than the rest? How can you be sure without clear industry standards? That’s why we put together this report card, to share the most important measurements for branch success. Grade your branch on and the complete experience.

Financial HealthCheck: A Lead Generation App for Financial Institutions

Your client’s new fitness goal doesn’t involve pumping iron but instead pumping money into their savings account. Financial health is a top concern for many generations from Baby Boomers looking to maximize their retirement, to Millennials paying off student loans.

How To Launch Your HQ Project

Building or redesigning a headquarter space is a massive initiative that can be overwhelming for anyone. In fact, it’s probably one of the biggest investments your organization will ever make. Much like launching a rocket, launching a headquarters is a massive undertaking that requires very detailed planning. 

Level Up: The Banker's Digital Arcade

Get inspired on ways to add digital signage to your branch experience with the one and only Banker’s Arcade.  This simple game lets you play through the different levels of digital signage, all inspired by a few timeless video game traditions.

Level Up: The Banker's Digital Arcade Cheat Codes

You, the financial institution, are on a mission to consume all the different types of digital signage that will level your branch up while also avoiding barriers to innovation and old communication methods. This infographic is packed with all the cheat codes you need to win.

A Banker's Guide to Branch Spring Cleaning

You want to improve brand awareness while improving the client experience, but a full branch renovation just isn't in the budget. Sound familiar? You're not alone. That’s why we put together this guide, to share the most cost-effective changes that you can do today to make major improvements to your branch and the in-branch experience.

Pixel Perfect: 2018/19 Digital Signage Benchmark Report

In banks and credit unions across the US, digital signage is catching eyes and proving to be worth its pixels. More and more financial institutions are transitioning away from paper brochures and handwritten rate boards and to invest in this technology. But exactly how would we describe the current state of digital signage?

Best Branch Transformations of the Wild Wild West

Competition in the financial industry is getting tougher. Banks and Credit Unions need to find ways to differentiate—or get left behind.  Branch transformation is the answer.  So, where do you start? With a list of the best branch transformations from the past few years... Arizona edition!

Elf on the Shelf 2018: The Naughty or Nice Podcast

From the Winter Olympics to the Royal Wedding, we have all the rankings on which events made the naughty or nice lists this year. Our year-end review podcast shows which events in entertainment, sports, and banking comprised 2018. Where did bank innovation trends land on the list?